Here are answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about SportEAR. If you have any questions not discussed here, please call your SportEAR Dealer or our company headquarters at 877.557.4238.
The answer lies in SportEAR’s digital technology. The circuitry is designed to AMPLIFY sound waves generally under 80-110 decibels (dB’s), while COMPRESSING sound waves over 80-110 dB down to safer levels.
In most applications, the compression is set to around 85dB, however, many SportEAR models allow custom programming to levels that are most comfortable for the customer.
SportEAR offers a 1 year unlimited parts warranty. This is an original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. For any warranty or service issues, please call us at 877.557.4238. The parts warranty on our Muff series is one year. Extended warranties are available - call us!
All hearing devices amplify sound, but SportEAR 100% digital devices are specifically designed with sound wave compression algorithms that protect ears from damaging noise and muzzle blast percussion.
SportEARs use standard size 10 hearing aid batteries. These batteries are available at most grocery and large retail stores, and pharmacies. Their estimated battery life is approximately 100 hours.
SportEAR devices are water resistant, not waterproof or submersible. If you get the devices wet, simply remove and dry off. If they stop working in rainy conditions, remove devices and let them dry out for a day – then check to see they are working properly. If not, call SportEAR for instructions.
Absolutely. It may take a little practice to keep your pitch right, but SportEAR’s technology reproduces sound more precisely than any other similar product on the market.
Think in terms of the difference between tape cassette sound versus CD high-fidelity sound. Most people can easily hear the difference.
SportEAR utilizes 100% digital technology because it offers the best possible hearing experience for our customers. Competitors sell analog technology and call it HD - for “High Definition”. Real high definition sound quality comes from 100% digital technology. This also allows a hearing device to be programmed and reprogrammed to an individual's personal hearing profile for the best results and hearing clarity. Also clean 100% digital sound quality virtually eliminates static or sea shell sound found in inferior products.
SportEAR’s Select a Fit devices are designed for over the counter sales and fit most people comfortably. A variety of soft foam tips help secure the devices comfortably in the ear. For the most precise and comfortable fit, Custom Fit devices are available directly from our facility. Call our office for details.
Our Custom Fit devices give you the most comfortable and perfect fit you can buy! Call our office and we will help you locate a dealer in your area who can create a set of ear molds (impressions) for you. Custom pricing varies with each model.
Most all of our devices may be custom programmed. Please call us for details.
It is important to insert batteries properly into your SportEAR devices. Always match the plus (+) side of the battery with the plus (+) side of the compartment door. Most zinc air cell batteries have the plus sign marked on the protective tape. Once the tape is removed, it’s easy to forget which is the plus and the negative. When inserted properly the battery door should close very easily and the unit will work. If inserted improperly, the door will be very difficult to close and the unit will not work. SportEAR utilizes a #10 battery on In-the-Ear and Open Fit/Micro Behind the Ear units. The X-treme Head Muffs use an “AAA” size battery. Both of these batteries can be found at most retail outlets. Occasionally, it is possible to buy a bad battery, so remember to buy extra batteries when purchasing your SportEAR products.
See our full color online instruction manuals for easy to follow instructions on how to start using your SportEAR products.
Yes! All SportEAR In-the-Ear and Behind-the-Ear devices are digital and can be programmed or reprogrammed to your exact needs. Even years after your purchase, you can still have your SportEAR’s reprogrammed to whatever preferences you may have.
Many people find the Select a Fit SportEAR devices fit just fine and enjoy many years of comfortable use. Others choose to have their SportEAR(s) custom fit right after purchase to provide maximum hearing protection and comfort. If you find you want a more comfortable fit, or experience frequent whistling through your device that you can’t eliminate, please call us and we will discuss how to obtain a Custom Fit.
When amplification is used, you need a good seal in your ear so the amplified sound doesn't escape around your ear plug and back out the ear creating a whistle sound or feedback. The key to eliminating most whistling is to adjust the fit in your ears as securely as possible. If you need help or advice, please call SportEAR.
In-the-Ear devices range between a 21-27 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), while Open Ear/ Microshot Behind-the-Ear devices range between 29-31 dB NRR.X-treme Head Muffs offer 24 dB NRR. Note that the NRR has no relation to the overall sound quality of devices.
Over 95% of our customers purchase and prefer wearing two SportEAR’s. The reasons why are obvious: 1. Both of your ears need to be protected 2. Stereo sound quality vs. mono sound quality 3. Better sense of balance and equilibrium 4. Dramatically improved directionality in the field for 360° HD™ hearing 5. Wearing one SportEAR works fine, but wearing two will increase your overall hearing satisfaction, dramatically improve your chances in the field, and protect both of your ears from muzzle blast. 6. It seems self-defeating to increase hearing capacity in one ear and block hearing in the other!
When someone has poor hearing on one side, the sounds seem to come through on the good ear of that person throwing off their sense of direction and equilibrium. The best way to correct this is to purchase two SportEAR’s and have them programmed specifically to each ear. This will give a greater sense of balance to your hearing, improve your equilibrium and hearing advantage, and give a greater sense of satisfaction.